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DREAM Lab Photo - 03/28

Welcome to the Deng’s Renewable Energy and Advanced Materials (DREAM) research group. The main theme of our research is advanced materials for renewable energy and clean water. We are particularly interested in synthesis, characterization and application of nonporous materials including zeolites, metal-organic frameworks, porous carbons, polymeric adsorbents and metal oxides. These nonporous materials are being evaluated as novel adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture from flue gas, natural gas/biogas upgrading, and separation of small alkane/alkene molecule pairs. The nanoporous carbons synthesized from algal biomass have potential applications in lithium-ion batteries and super-capacitors. Most recently, we have actively involved in developing innovative technologies for extracting energy-dense bio-crude oils from microalgae, and evaluating new catalysts and processes for converting/upgrading bio-crude oils into liquid transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel and jet fuels). We are also interested in drinking water purification by adsorption and membrane distillation for blackish water desalination.